1. Try replacing conventional ingredients more often with readily available alternatives. Explore spices and ingredients. You do not have to be the best chef to bring in kitchen alchemy (when ingredients blend to create a luscious result more than the sum of its parts), you just have to be bold enough to experiment. Adding one more or one less pinch of a spice can change the taste and flavour of a dish.
2. There is no standard recipe for anything in this world. The cook is the Queen/King of the Kitchen. Be confident and do not hesitate to test out an alternate method of cooking that is simple, quick and green. The final result may be different but trust me it will be good.
3. Try blending sweetness of peas with bland turnips. Experiment once in a while and add red chili powder into banana bread recipe, ginger to plantain chips and serve hot coriander chutney with a dessert.
4. Make the dish look outlandish and exotic with creative presentation when serving it.

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