Day 68

Mumma, such was your influence and aura that whenever you were around us we felt alive. Not only did we celebrate your and our birthdays together for so many years, but we celebrated our lives with you.Day 68.jpg
I am reminded today of all the happy moments we shared together while celebrating your birthdays in different parts of the world. It is so true that the more you praise and celebrate life, the more there is to celebrate.
We lived every day with you like it was your birthday that day.
I remember some of your landmark birthdays like the 70th and 75th birthday. For the 70th one we got you seven surprise gifts including a life size bouquet of flowers. Also, we cherish memories of the 75th birthday that we celebrated in Canada two years ago. You were turning 75, looking 55 and feeling 35. Love you for everything you were Mumma!


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