Day 59

The world is like a book and those who do not travel read only one page. day 592You, it seems, in your life time had read more than half of the book. A true traveller’s journey is never complete, while we are still continuing our journey in this worldly world, you have departed on the eternal journey.
Day 591.jpgMumma, your journey to the mesmerizing world of Egypt is something that I cannot ignore while reminiscing.
This was one trip that, as I recall, swept you off your feet. You felt like you were in a different world altogether. The glory of the Egyptian temples and tombs left you in awe and our visit to the Valley of Kings and Queens was simply breathtaking. The grandeur of mighty pyramids that look down on 40 centuries of mankind, the story of the unfinished obelisk, delicate papyrus paintings, floral perfumes, the wealth of history and the intricate crafts displayed in the museums amused you to a great extent. day 593You loved your first ever cruise on the Nile river. The cruise ship itself, the pool, casino and the whimsical performances like the Tanura Egyptian skirt dance, belly dance and so much more that was on offer on the vessel kept you delighted. Day 595.jpgYou found some kind of magical charm some in every place we visited together. We were in Cairo during Eid time and you witnessed for the first time the calling of azaan in a public area when muslims break their fast and have iftari. Day 596It was a stupendous experience of seeing so many people breaking fast together on hundreds of well laid out patio tables on the street. The harmony and openness with which christians and muslims lived together in Egypt was something you had not expected and were impressed by it.
It is a fact that travel makes us modest as we get to see what a small space we occupy in this grand world. This trip did just that for all of us and we’re glad we had you by our side on this wonderful journey.


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