Day 45

Day 45
Fruits were a passion for you Mumma. Your love of fruits, especially the Mango, the so-called king of fruits in India, was just a level above any thing else. It would be appropriate to say you were infatuated with mangoes.

For you, there was a time for every fruit but not for mangoes. You could have mangoes with bread, with rice, with roti, by itself, in shakes, in a dessert or just as a snack at anytime of the day. The irony however was that your type 2 diabetes held you back in the past couple of decades. We recall how you would find excuses to have a mango in place of a regular meal or even skip a meal just to have a mango in its entirety.

The wait for mangoes would begin for you even before it was mango season. You would be combing the fruit market to see if the mangoes had arrived. As mango season approached, our everyday phone calls would be more about which mango variety was available, and which one you had been able to lay your hands on. चौसा, लँगड़ा, सफ़ेदा or दशहरी, you would enjoy them all.
There is nothing more attractive than a happy person–you were most happy when you got the best mangoes.
You were one in a melon Mumma!

There are so many stories related to you and your love for mangoes, I think I will come back with another reminiscence tomorrow.


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