Day 47

Back to some interesting anecdotes about you. I fondly remember the time when you were with us, Aditi, Mama, Mami and Masi in Accra for Peihu’s HS graduation. The kids made all the grandparents agree to perform a dance on a Bollywood number for the graduation cocktail party. That was the first time you danced to a choreographed Bollywood number and the rehearsals were putting you in a state of quandary. To top it off, the first song the kids chose for you was a contemporary mujra (courtesan) dance: दिल चीज़ क्या आप मेरी जान लीजिए, first few practices with those अदा से भरे (sensual) steps being mastered by you all- our respected oldies- were so hilarious that all of us were rolling on the floor laughing. I recall you laughed so much that your voice got chocked and your eyes were watering, incidentally I also took this picture of you then.
However, knowing the great sport you were, we knew that you were still game for the dance and we then chose another, more appropriate song शावां शावां (Shavan-Shavan). You all practiced so well and the performance was marvellous and loved by all!
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