Day 67

An anecdote that is a fond memory of माँसी (maternal aunt) is how as the older sister you were caring like a mother, carefree like a friend, a defender, a counselor and a listener all at the same time for her. Day 67
Masi recalls how you used to make her plaits every morning for school. She would not get them done by anybody but you. She felt devastated when you got married and left the family home to live in Delhi. It took quite a few days for her to accept that her dear बहिनजी (older sister) was not going to be there to do her hair every morning and send her to school. Your first job was being an older sister and you took it very seriously. It is true that there is no better friend than a sister and there was no better sister than you.
An older sister helps retain the half child and half adult in you. I recall you wrote a couplet for your younger brother बब्बू मामा (maternal uncle) a few years ago for his 70th birthday that goes like this:
माँ बाप का लाडला बब्बू ,
अब बन गया है बच्चों का दद्दू,
सफ़ेद ढाढी सफ़ेद बाल कमर का बुरा हाल,
फिर भी दिल है जवान ,
भगवान करे यह दिन आए बार बार बड़ी बहन का यही है आशीर्वाद !

“The beloved son of mum and dad – Babbu, has now become the grandkids’ daddu (grandfather)

Silver beard, silver hair, but his heart is still young and fair

May this day come again and again, this is the wish and blessing of your elder sister”

It is so true that some bonds of love can never be replaced.


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