Day 61

Mumma, in these coming days my posts will feature memoirs from some of your near and dear ones in the extended family. I have been receiving a lot of thoughts about how you touched their lives in a special way. Being there for the family as a friend and as a supporter for youngsters was one of the highlights of your personality. Day 61.jpg
Amita, Babita -our dear twin Suzies, as we call them, have expressed their gratitude and love for you for being there for them and having their back when they most needed it. They recall the times when they wanted to venture into new things in life but didn’t have too much backing for their initiatives. It was you who stood by them and provided them that needed encouragement. Young girls being independent and doing a lot of things on their own was unthinkable for parents in India at that time (about 3 decades ago). For everything like taking a train ride alone, to attending a NCC Camp (National Cadet Corps) in Bombay, making an unsupervised trip to a city like Hissar, enjoying after class college life, attending the Ganga sailing camp and much more, you were the rock behind them. You encouraged them to go for it and also convinced their parents and our strict tyrant भाभो (the great grandmother) to allow them to do these things. You facilitated exposure to new things and thereby helped prepare them better for whatever came next in their life. It must have been a quite an onerous process for them to learn to flow easily with new experiences, new challenges and new people that entered their lives. Your support made them take the chances they got in their lives as some things happen only once. Your constant presence made their journey towards emancipation and more freedom as young girls so much easier and for this they are eternally grateful to you.


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