Day 34


Despite being born in a small town and growing up in an extremely conservative society, it was astonishing to see how progressive you were. You had the ability to think beyond the impossible and outside the obvious! Be it clothing, food, social norms or taboos, you took small steps in the right direction that ended up being some of the biggest steps of your life. An example that comes to mind is that even though you had never worn anything but a saree until a few years ago- you opened yourself up, dropped all your inhibitions and adapted to what was practical and convenient in the modern world. You not only changed your dress code, you also accepted dresses for your daughters and grand daughters that were considered very modern!
We have examples of younger people in our family who grew up in a liberal environment but still live in the fear of being wrong in the eyes of society, have rigid ideas and no flexibility to adapt to anything new. You truly believed that progress is impossible without change & those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. You made our lives so much more fun and enjoyable with your progressive mindset!


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