Day 74

Mumma, you dreaded this grand daughter of yours for her fury and temperament. Yet you adored her for her sweet, witty and open nature. Aditi used to be called तीखी मिर्च (hot green chili) by you. I recall how you enjoyed talking to her and then used to narrate all the interesting conversations to me on our daily phone calls. Your narrations would usually start with “मरी बता भी सब देती है…इतना मज़ा ले ले कर..”( sweet girl..she doesn’t hide anything..and tells all in good spirits..). I recall how I could hear laughter and happiness in your voice whenever you talked about her. She made you smile all the time. Here is a letter from your Addu.

“Dear grandmother,

As I wait at the airport to catch my flight to Delhi, it hits me that Delhi won’t be the same anymore without you! I didn’t realise that calling you up and saying “Dadda I am home! कब मिलने आ रहे हो? (When are you coming to meet me?)” and your classic response “अभी आ जा! क्या खाएगी? पुलाव बना दूँ।(come right way. What will you eat? Shall I make Spiced rice?”) will be one of my most cherished memories now! One of the things I will miss the most hence forth.Day 74.jpg

But because you asked me to always remember you with HAPPY memories, here goes-

There was a drastic change in our relationship as I crossed my teenage years! From looking at you as my grandmother, it moved towards finding a friend in you and then there was no stopping!

How much I miss, your laughter when I would crack those silly jokes and those lessons which shall remain with me for life!

You made me believe that life is beautiful and that success must be celebrated no matter how small or big!

Whether it be you dancing in the rain with me or wanting to go to India gate on days you weren’t keeping well, it all exemplifies how much you enjoyed your 77 years on this planet! Your love for life can be summarised in your last words to me which were “बेटा pray करना की मैं ठीक हो जाऊँ। (My child, pray for me so that I get well).”

Dadda, my love for you is immense and I can never thank you enough for believing in me each time I did not! Not to forget, your genes that I shall forever be grateful for! 😀

I know for a fact that you are spreading happiness wherever you are and that you will continue to shower your blessings on us.

Love always
Your granddaughter!”


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