Day 40

Day 40
Mumma, we can never repay you for your kindness and generosity.

तू खा ले। “You should eat it” is the most famous mummy phrase in our family. Coined by you Mumma, for the delicious meals you would cook, making sure there will be no leftovers. Your magic of making sure everyone would have a good meal even if nothing was left for you in the end always irritated us. When you have a great dish why not have it more than once. But your philosophy was…”you have it, तू खा ले, don’t worry about me”.
Your generosity was a blessing, you always gave more than you could, gave freely, and out of pure love. All this without expecting anything in return. To top it off, being generous in spirit was the wonderful way of your life. It is said that you do not have to be rich to be generous and no one has become poor by giving. You truly embodied this philosophy.


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