Quick Cooking, Healthy Eating

Eating healthy, homemade, nutritious food, and cooking meals in a flash do not have to be mutually exclusive. They can easily be managed together if complex looking recipes are no more than a process of Four Steps or Less. Through this forum, I will share some of my famous recipes and show you how to make them in Four Steps or Less.

For this to work, smart people first need to start with four basic concepts:
1. Quick ingredients 2. Right tools 3. Swift method and 4. Bit of creativity.

The icing on the cake is making the cooking sustainable and green – leaving minimal or no carbon footprint. Sounds savvy and responsible at the same time, right? By green I mean using less energy by avoiding oven cooking. Instead, most of my recipes make use of the heat generated by water and the inherent moisture of the ingredients themselves – all in Four Steps or Less.

Over the next few posts I will outline how to go about setting yourself up to work on my recipes by detailing these preliminary steps: Quick Ingredients, Right Tools, Swift Method, and a Bit of Creativity.


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