Day 39

day 39.jpg
Sometimes I feel bad about how much of karela (bitter gourd) juice I fed you in your lifetime in the hope of getting rid of your diabetes. I recall plucking fresh green tender karelas every morning off our homegrown vine in Accra and making the most beautiful looking deep green juice. Now I can say that I tried it once and felt guilty since then for making you go through the torture of having that most awful and bitter concoction I had tasted ever. Only after tasting it myself, I understood why you used to make those faces! It was only then that I started mixing it with cucumber or Loki (bottle gourd) juice. It seemed like it got a little better but I know it was still bitter. Thanks for being such a darling and listening to me.
I know you always believed that the greatest wealth is health. It is just like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it, and you endured that bitter concoction to keep a deadly condition at a distance.


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