Day 43

Day 43.jpg
Mumma, your passion for sarees and your collection of sarees was amazing. The saree, a timeless icon of fashion and one of the most gorgeous attires in this world, was also your favorite thing to wear. I recall the heap of your starched exquisite cotton sarees piled in neat rows in your closet. You did not leave any stone unturned when it came to the tedious process of maintaining cotton sarees that you loved and always kept ready to wear. You were so meticulous that you often wore 4 or 5 different sarees each day. I recall you just had to find a reason to change into a fresh one. One to sleep in, one to start the day, one for lunch, one to go for evening walk, another one for a dinner out and then again a nice soft unstarched cozy one for the good night sleep.
As the seasons took turns and leaves started falling off the trees in autumn, it was time for the ritual of swapping cotton sarees in your closet with silk sarees to welcome winter. It was so much fun to go through your collection as the seasons changed.
Your elegance in sarees was simply unmatchable. As they say elegance is a beauty that never fades and never goes out of style. It was so true for you. My note today is an ode to you and the Saree: with its radiance, vigor and variety, it is six yards of pure grace, elegance and beauty. Your love for, and exquisite choice of sarees signified the poise and grace that you will always be remembered for.


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