Day 56

Day 56
Mumma, your love for capturing memories and your knack for pictures was indomitable.
I can say that you and I shared this knack very closely. In earlier days when not everybody had a phone and a camera within it, I remember carrying our still and video cameras! Manoj would always diligently charge the camera batteries before the picture opportunities arose. I remember you used to commend us for this and enjoyed the photo shoots.
For us, taking pictures has always been like savoring life intensely, every moment of it.
You got hooked on to clicking pictures as soon as you got your smart phone years ago. In the last few years I could rely only on you to share pictures of precious family moments that we missed being away from India. Something that always impressed me was that just like everything else, you tried to learn every trick of photography on your camera including editing the pictures. While taking a photo you made every effort to place your head, heart and eye along the same line of sight.
Anyone can take a picture, but a person with passion sees the picture before it’s taken, you were one of them.
I would confess that I am able to handle the grief of your going away just because I have photos to lean on. Each day when I go through my albums to find the most appropriate picture for my daily post I feel that with all the photos we have taken over the years we have frozen time …photography has enabled us to store emotion and feelIngs within a frame. I relive so many moments each day.
It is so true that a good click keeps a moment from running away. Photos to me are like a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone and I am with you every day even now.



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