Day 57

Day 57.jpg
Usually the easiest and best way to clear your mind is to go for a long drive to nowhere. However for Delhites this is not an easy task considering the maddening traffic at all times of the day. For us though, this ‘nowhere’ used to be India Gate, which is actually pretty far from ‘nowhere’ if one considers its location and history.
The most prominent landmark of Delhi, this phenomenal monument carries names of more than 82,000 brave soldiers of the Indian Army who died during the First World War. The massive arch has the अमर जवान ज्योति (eternal flame of the immortal soldier) smoldering underneath it to honor those who sacrificed their lives in warfare (the flame has been burning for decades now) and is one of the most frequented places in Delhi.
Just the thought of going to India Gate at night is exciting for people who live to have fun. You were one of them. आप ही एक थे जो ever ready रहते थे (you were the only one who used to remain ever ready) for a late night drive to India gate. Often when the kids insisted on going for a drive to India Gate for the customary ice cream and soap bubble vendors and the classic bioscope show (a giant kaleidoscopic box that you peep in to through a pin hole. It has pictures that move through manual rotation and loud Bollywood songs playing in the background- old time cinema) you would be the only adult supporting them! You would try to convince all the reluctant unenthusiastic ones to get in the car despite their whining and complaints. You used to be the most lively soul during these visits marveling at each new toy or candy that the vendors had on display. Often you would humor the kids with surprise treats though secretly you wanted to try out the new toy or candy as much as the kids did. Mumma, these visits brought out the child in you like nothing else!



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