Day 76

Mumma, you had three daughters in law coming from completely different family backgrounds, speaking different languages (mother tongue), having different temperaments and with different professional training. You loved us all equally like your children. I feel like the three of us are the children that destiny forgot to give you.
Today’s tribute is from one of us who has been loved by you immensely as your daughter. For the last 25 years since Simmi was welcomed to the family she has been your guardian when it came to keeping you well and in good spirits. She also played a huge role in giving you courage to fight the deadly health condition that you tackled in the last few years. You loved to talk to her daily not just to be informed about what’s happening in life in general but also to be comforted by receiving answers to questions that no body else could answer. Sometimes she had to answer difficult questions but I guess that only strengthened your relationship with her and brought you two closer
Her tribute below is a testament to the very special bond that you two shared.

“Mamma ,
All three of us have been truly fortunate to have had you as our mother in law. You’ve always been so open hearted and progressive. In fact you were more of a mother and a friend than a mother in law. It is very difficult and painful to accept that you are no longer with us. This void can never be filled and the loss so huge that words fail me. Day 76.jpgI remember when I said bye to you on the 15th night, not for a moment did I think that this was my last goodbye to you. You were unwell but we were all sure you would sail through. None of us could anticipate that the end was so near. It was shocking and traumatic to be told in less than an hour of leaving you that you had suffered a cardiac arrest and were no more. The regret of not being by your side will for ever remain with me.
You and I really grew close during the course of your illness. I would look forward to travelling to Delhi from Bathinda to accompany you to Referral and Research Hospital either for chemotherapy or follow-up. You would have so many questions pertaining to the deadly cancer you were afflicted with. I tried to answer most of them being a doctor but there were few I chose not to answer since they would have unnecessarily disturbed you. However there was one question that I had no answer to. You once asked ” why me?” Are Diabetes and heart ailment not enough ? I guess God knew you had the guts and courage to fight them all. You never ever gave up Mamma. You fought till the last day to emerge a Victor and a true champion.
I would like to narrate an anecdote to prove what a gutsy lady you were. So this happened last year when you, my mummy, Aditi and I were in Bathinda for a short trip. Pankaj insisted that we all accompany him to Bikaner as he had some official work to attend to. We had to catch a train next evening for Delhi. The train was to leave at 5.15. so we reached the station at 4.45, well in time . As we reached the station a train which was going to Delhi started moving. We mistook it to be the one we were supposed to catch and complete pandemonium broke out . There was confusion, chaos and panic..We were told to just run and board the train. Imagine दद्दा (paternal grandma) and नानी (maternal grandma) boarding a moving train. It took us five minutes to catch our breaths and the same time to realize that we were in the wrong train. Lucky for us that the next station was close by so we all deboarded and hurriedly caught a tempo to go back to Bikaner station. In the mean time the station master was requested to delay the train for a few minutes as we were on our way. He said he could not hold on for more than five minutes.To our utter dismay on reaching the platform we saw that this train too had begun to move. We somehow managed to board the last coach which happened to be a general compartment. So in a span of half an hour we boarded two trains both on the move. Kudos to दद्दा and नानी to have accomplished this feat. You were 76 years old then, frail and weak from the illness but nothing stopped you from catching that train. You are and will remain our hero, forever inspiring us . Your loving presence and your endearing smile will be missed by all of us. Praying that you will continue guiding and watching over us from the heavens above.”


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