Day 58

Mumma, आपका अपने समधी और समधनों से प्यार भरा रिश्ता देखते ही बनता था और वो एक special mention की बात है। (Your special sweet relationship with your co-parents-in law is worth a special mention). Day 58.jpgIt is not very often that we see the parents of a husband and wife get along well or enjoy each other’s company. In our case however, it is amazing how well you got along with not just the mothers of all your daughters in law but also their fathers. Living with co-parents in law at your sons’ homes for extended periods of time in different countries and cities, going out, playing games, going shopping, tourism trips- you did all of it with such ease. You liked each one of them and the best part of liking someone is when they like you back. They all loved being with you. Your warmth and अपनापन (ease) worked so well with them that it seemed like they turned out liking you more than they had planned. They may or may not have gotten a chance to say this to you personally but they all miss you and your company even today and with this post I am just being a messenger to tell this to you.


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