Day 52

Day 52
Mummy you had a special way of getting along with people of any age or background, more so with kids. And this includes not just kids in the family, or those in the extended family, but also all the kids in the neighborhood. You believed that time spent playing with children is never wasted.
It is so true that the way we deal with our kids becomes their inner voice. The kids learnt so much from you! Whether it was while playing a game or listening to all the interesting stories you had to tell. You knew very well that if a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach them the way they can learn. You enjoyed playing board and card games with them and in the process you taught them so much. People don’t stop playing because they grow old, rather they grow old because they stop playing. This was never true for you as well. You played till the last day of your life, not only with the kids in our family but with the kids of all our friends in different parts of the world. So many of our friends still recall and compliment us for your way of getting along with them and their kids on all your visits to their homes. I truly believe that the reason you got along so well with people was because you did not expect them to be like you. If getting along with others is an art then you perfected and even improved it. You brought so much joy to peoples’ lives and as a consequence to your own as well. You remained forever young!


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