Day 75

Mumma, today’s tribute is from Pallavi, the youngest and your favourite granddaughter. She was the dearest to your heart, especially as she was the one who got to spend the most time with you as your roommate and partner in crime in Delhi. Your love for Pallavi was unparalleled, whether it was sharing your only पराँठा (Indian stuffed bread) with Pallavi on the Nepal trip, or offering her the first pick of your heirloom treasures, she was always your most beloved grandchild. Knowing Pallavi the best, you fondly said was “इसके तो तीन ही शौक़ हैं – खाना, घूमना और सोना” (she loves just three things – eating, going out and sleeping) and that “यह तो क़िस्मत की धनी है (she is rich in luck).” May your blessings and good wishes continue to be showered on Pallavi. Here is what your Pallavi has to say to you:

“15th October 2017 was undoubtedly the worst day of my life because that was the day
when you left me. I’m still not able to believe that you are no longer with us. I never
ever thought that this day will come so early, अभी तो हम पाँचों में से किसी की शादी भी नहीं हुई थी (none of your 5 grandkids had even been married yet). As the youngest member of our family and the only single child, I always wanted a sibling and you were the one who said ‘why do you want a sibling when I’m here and you literally proved it. We used to fight, play and love each other like siblings. Day 75.jpgFor me you were more like a sister than a grandmother. Now, as you are no longer with me I am actually living a life of a ‘single’ child and you have no idea how much I miss you. You were my roommate, my selfie partner, my partner in crime, my support system, my motivation and definitely an inspiration. You have taught me so many things that I cannot thank you enough for. I still remember whenever I used to fall ill you used to say ‘तू तो जल्दी हार मान जाती है, देख मैं कितनी strong हूँ’ (you accept defeat too soon, look at me, I am so strong) which used to give me strength. Your mantra was ‘TO NEVER SURRENDER’ and I promise, I never will.
This is the first new year without you. It is completely unbelievable for all of us to accept the fact that we no longer will be able to see and talk to you. Whenever I enter our room I realise that you are no longer waiting for me to come and switch off the light and TV. I used to say goodbye to you whenever I left for college but now when I turn back you are not there, you are not there to wish me good luck for my exams. I miss those times when I used to take a break during exams and you used to say,’ कोई ओलमटिटी कर के आ जाएँगे तेरे दो चार नम्बर’ (you will surely get a few marks with your hanky panky methods). I miss those times, when you were not able to sleep and sing कबीर के दोहे (couplets written by a famous poet Kabir), and I used to fight as I wanted to sleep and you wanted to sing. But now I promise I won’t fight with you or stop you, please come back and sing those songs for me, please. We had made so many plans that are now incomplete without you. We we’re supposed to get a pet puppy, we were supposed to go to Bali….
You were the closest person one can ever be to me. Is this actually true that I will never be able to talk to you? I won’t be able to love you?
Shubham is incomplete without you. Not only Mehra परिवार(family) but every person who has met you even once misses you like anything. God has done the worst thing to us by taking you away. It’s really tough for us to pass every single day without you. If there is any way to get you back we are ready for it.
Keep an eye on me and show me the correct path, give me strength to deal with all the difficulties and problems which will be coming my way. I promise I will achieve
everything you wanted me to, but then you also have to keep your promise by coming back to me in the form of my baby, as you were my baby. I have tried to express my love through this, but obviously this is not enough as we have uncountable memories of you which cannot be expressed in words. All I wanted to say was, I LOVE YOU and I MISS YOU, you will always stay alive in our hearts and memories, FOREVER”.


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