Day 73

Mumma, as we embark into the new year with a hope to create more magical moments and unforgettable memories, this note is from Peihu, the सबसे सीधी सुशील लड़की (the most simple virtuous girl) as you called her. You believed in her, you encouraged her and you loved her immensely. In her words:

“Daddu-ji you were my favourite story-teller. Growing up, every night that you were in the same country as us, you committed to telling me a bed-time story, no matter how tired you were. Day 73.jpgSome had morals, some were silly and some recounted complicated Indian mythology, but they all had one thing in common- a grocery list embedded into the storyline somewhere. To explain- when dadda got sleepy while telling a story, cuddled up with a grandchild in the dark, she often deviated from the core plot, and started listing off things we needed to buy- आटा,टमाटर, खीरे (flour, tomatoes, cucumbers). At this point, I gently jostled her and whined “दद्द्द्द्द्द्द्दा”(daddaddaaa) she would snap out of the grocery dream and back into the bedtime story without missing a beat. It was a hilarious and surprisingly consistent occurrence during our nighttime ritual. Despite these brief sidetracks, your stories were full of wonder, excitement and life lessons. You told and retold them to me so many times, I still remember each word for word- the monkey and the alligator, the boy and the roti flipper, the monkey and the queen, the frog and the crane, and many more. I will make sure these stories are not lost with you. I miss you and falling asleep to the sound of your voice drowsily reciting fables and shopping lists.”

Missing talking to you mummy and getting your आशीर्वाद (blessing) so much today, on this 1st day of the new year.


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