Day 71

Mumma, you have held your grandchildren’s tiny hands for a while but you have held their hearts forever. Starting today, for the next 5 days they are opening up their hearts to you. This first one is written by your so called घर का चिराग़ (light of the clan), Meizu. You have loved him since the time he was born and he has loved you all his life.Day 71.jpg

“Dadda, over the past few weeks we have heard of the many ways you were ahead of your time. From playing video games to using computers, cell phones and iPads, to travelling all over the world, you were truly a trailblazer. For me though, what really sets you apart as being a visionary is your tolerant attitude and open mind. Even though you were a lifelong vegetarian and teetotaler, I relentlessly made jokes harassing you to join us in eating our chicken biriyani or drinking a cold beer. You took these jokes right in stride, suggesting that you would definitely join us in enjoying these vices in your next life. You were never offended or angered by our pestering, and as has been recounted recently, even remarked at the naturally vegetarian nature in which alcohol is created, suggesting that you were truly looking forward to trying it out but only in your next life. Similarly, while you yearned to see your grandkids “get settled” and find a सुशील (virtuous & lovely) wife or husband, you became very open and accepting to my jokes that I had many girls in mind to marry of all races and religions. While others were opposed to even the suggestion that someone from a different caste or darker skin tone would join the family, you warmed to the prospect of welcoming brides and grooms who are completely outside the norm. This progressive attitude of yours will continue to stand as a stellar example for generations to come. We miss you immensely but will be continually inspired by you as well.”


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