Day 54


As the saying goes, you can plan a perfect picnic but you cannot predict the weather. But, for us it was always the other way around. The child in you was excited at the slightest indication by इंद्रदेव (the God of rain) that it was going to rain. जब जब बादल घिर आते आप picnic मनाने के लिए मचल उठतीं थीं (the moment you saw clouds at the horizon, you would get so excited to go for a picnic). In other words, we used to bring our own weather to the picnic. Picnics always acquire a new meaning when they’re planned and enjoyed with loved ones. Picnics with you were always much more than eating a meal, they were truly more about a pleasurable state of mind.
As a result of perpetually hot and sweltering North Indian Summers, any sign of clouds as the messengers of rain brews a lot of excitement among everyone. I recall that when you were with us in Canada, all summer days seemed like picnic days and we often used to pack our meals and go to the lake side. My picnic basket was most used when you were around- across Kenya, Ghana, Srilanka, Bangladesh and Canada. All the kids still recall the jokes about going to Sanjay झील (Sanjay Lake) in Delhi each time there was a talk about planning a day out. For us, a picnic was only truly a Picnic when you were around. We treasure so many sweet memories of picnics with you. Miss you so much mumma!


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