Day 42

Day 42.jpg
Mumma, you were so talented. More than 6 decades ago, it was unusual for a woman from a small town like Holipura to attain a university degree or pursue a masters degree, but you did. You had a double masters. You were ahead of the rest of the world mentally and physically. You were the first working woman of the Mehra clan. Going out for work however, did not keep you away from regular household chores or honing your other unique skills like knitting, crochet, embroidery, shuttle work and much more. I am so fortunate to have been able to learn arts like shuttle work from you- that are now going extinct. Apart from you, I actually do not know anybody in the world who knows how to work those beautiful intricate laces on a shuttle pin. I recall as soon as I learnt this rare craft from you I made some flower motifs for one of my wedding sarees that I still have and cherish till today. The compliments I get even now on this saree and on the shuttle work I put on it is truly flattering.
I remember how you used to laugh when I made mistakes while crafting and say it was not a mistake- just a unique creation. I do craft like no one is watching. Your encouragement and appreciation over all these years is to thank for that. Crafting is now like a medicine for me.You understood me so well and knew that I find solace in keeping my hands busy and creating something that is handmade and has a personal touch. After all, happiness is handmade. On the lighter side I craft so that I don’t kill people. Jokes apart, you were so crafty that you even made people- people like us who cannot help but miss you so terribly.


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