Day 35


Mumma, heaven must be beautiful now as they have got you.
On thanksgiving day, I am writing today about the most adorable grandma, a role model, a friend and the love of our kids. The combination of warmth, kindness, laughter, love and intelligence that you were, was a blessing for them. Your consistently overlooking their faults, praising every success and encouraging every dream made them all amazing people. You held their tiny hands for just a little while but their hearts for ever. I can say with pride that with your guidance and being always there made our kids what they are today. They have literally grown and blossomed in your hands and we are thankful to you and the almighty for it.
Your love was always stronger than distance, more powerful than time and transcends the other world you are in now.
They now have a guardian angle in heaven, they call her Dadda.


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