Day 64

The experience and oral history passed down by our elders forms the foundation of all family traditions. Mumma, you made sure all our family traditions and rituals were carried out meticulously and passed down to the next generation moving forward. This was one thing I especially enjoyed sharing with you. Day 64.jpgIn fact, I have made every effort to carry forward your legacy, not just celebrating our many festivals and rituals around the world but also sharing them with friends and family wherever we were. With family traditions, we work together to make memories that last forever. I truly believe that these traditions help to define who we are. They provide something steady and reliable in a confusing and complex world. Today, I recall many memories including those from our trip to Shani’s home in Huntsville, Alabama where we organized a गोद भराई ceremony (traditional Indian baby shower) for her. Remembering you and your vibrant personality, Shani says that the day was so much fun and although she missed her parents, you were around to fill the void. I fondly recall how we performed all the rituals in exactly the way as it would have happened in India with all of the close family around. Instead, this time we had friends who, in a foreign land, are like family. Your exuberance always made everything so special for people around you. All of them feel that you have touched their lives in a profound way.


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