Day 16


Life’s greatest blessing is the love of family. While this love persists through physical distances, we often reminisce about all the fun that came with living in a large joint family, as we have done historically for generations. It was not really about how big the house was, but rather how happy the home was. Our family was so big and so closely connected especially thanks to the efforts of the ladies of the family to always keep it together. Remembering you and Asha Chachi today. Mumma, your best buddy was Asha Chachi. You two talked endlessly, whether it was from her small kitchen window overlooking our आँगन (courtyard), or while knitting a new sweater, or making the आचार (pickle) of the season, your intense discussions would last for hours. Sharing dishes and then later checking on unreturned empty containers was a ritual. Can’t forget the time when you two were traveling in a bus returning home and got so engrossed in your conversation that you forgot to get off the bus! The driver politely reminded you that the bus had arrived at the depot and you two had to take a long walk to get back home together.
Sharing a rare picture here..


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