Day 37


Mumma, thinking about some interesting anecdotes about you, I am reminded of the times when you started visiting us in the different countries we lived in. Though you knew English well, you were hesitant to speak the language. As they say someone who speaks broken English knows another language well. Hindi was your forte and that is what came to your mind instinctively. I recall you would give instructions to the house maid subconsciously in Hindi and then wait for her to complete the chore you asked. After a while you would complain that she doesn’t listen to you and then we would remind you to recall if you actually gave the instruction in a language that she understands. It was definitely hilarious! Having said this, you did have that chemistry of getting along with everyone you met- and the house keeper was always one of them. Soon into your visit, they would understand things that you did not even say and in the meantime you would get used to talking to them in English. I guess more funny situations arose when you would return to India and be talking in English to maids there and they would be confused and looking at you in awe. It would take a few days for you to get adjusted to speaking Hindi again, then the whole process would restart with the next visit!


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