Between Day 76 and 77

My dear Mumma, while I am collecting my thoughts for writing the final culminating tribute to you on this 77th day, I have received more kind notes of your memories in the last 24 hours. These recollections are from Kamal जीजाजी (sister’s husband), Shani, Lata माँसी (mother’s sister), Annu मामी (maternal aunt) and Jyoti भाभी (sister-in-law).

Kamal जीजाजी appreciates your uncanny knack of striking a chord with everyone irrespective of age, gender or cultural background. Your formidable courage, your smiling face and your sweet nature were the only constants while you were undergoing treatment. You left an indelible mark on not only him and Neelu दीदी (sister) but also on their sons Shubh and Shrey. He says you have set an example for them to look up to.Day 76 77.jpg

Shani feels these posts have been a connecting thread for everyone in the family and have helped to rekindle your relationships and remind us all how remarkable a person you were.

Lata माँसी(mother’s sister) takes pride in being your sister and wishes that you continue to look upon and bless all your children and grandchildren from the heavens above.

Annu मामी (maternal aunt) recalls that you were more of a loving elder sister than a sister-in-law to her, Jaya मामी (maternal aunt) and बड़ी मामी (eldest maternal aunt). She has fond memories of the times when मामा मामी (mother’s brother and wife) were living in Delhi and had more quality time to spend with you.

Jyoti भाभी (sister-in-law) is feeling lonely without you and reliving the moments as I write these memoirs.

Your life has touched so many lives that it will go on forever. You gave us so much to remember; you are going to be in our hearts forever.


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