What makes me cogitate?

I strongly feel that our generation is living through some of the most dramatic changes to occur in a span of three or four decades. From technological advancements and infrastructural marvels to fashion and new social norms – change has defined our lifetime. My sense is that most of us have actually adapted to these changes quite gracefully, so kudos to our generation! Some of these changes, such as those in technology and innovation, have been easier to tackle. However, changes related to our traditions or cultural values, and things considered socially taboo have naturally been far more difficult to adapt to.
I feel privileged that I have been able to have some honest and frank discussions with the younger generation. They have helped me understand their point of view and accept that we need to change our thinking on many of these topics to be more rational and progressive. This has made me think that we don’t have to just take everything that we have been told by our elders as absolute values that must be followed. In the same vein, neither should we worry about doing things just to please the people around us.
I have always thought that I have been somewhat of a rebel, especially in my childhood and youth. At the time, I questioned and challenged many of the norms and systems that I didn’t agree with. Because of this, I think it has been easier for me to adapt to some of the more radical changes. The rational reasoning from today’s young rebels has also helped immensely. While I would like to think that I have made my best effort to understand and accept the rapidly changing world around me, there are a few things that have been widely accepted in society, that I still find bizarre.
To me, it seems that in some cases, people are following new trends not because they improve upon a past practice, but just because they’re hip. People seem to have such a desire to fit in and be chic that they forego their own comfort, happiness, or personal preferences. In these cases, I don’t think they are being honest with themselves, rather just following the crowd. This applies across the board, including in many cases to both my own generation and the next. I actually expect much more from younger generations as I find them to be more confident and considerably smarter than us. So, at times I am disappointed when I see them picking up trends that just don’t make sense to me.
I want to continue my own journey in learning more about and perhaps even adapting to those changes that I still can’t seem to wrap my head around. To do this, I am planning to use social media to share some thoughts, and I’m hoping to hear what my friends have to say. At the very least, I hope to use this simply as an outlet to write and share my thoughts. It would be even better if, by putting forward my point of view, I could get a sense whether others agree with me or if I am completely off-side. So, I also hope to use these posts to get input and advice from my friends, and perhaps even change my mind! I would especially love to hear not only from friends from my own generation who can perhaps relate to me better, but from my younger friends who are leading many of the changes happening in our world.

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