Day 36


Mumma, while you traveled to so many countries of the world, you also made it to most of the exciting places in India. As vast as India is, you managed to travel from coast to coast, land to land, north to south and east to west. Train, bus, boat or by air, you tried everything. Nothing stopped you from exploring our vast and amazing country. You travelled so much with papa for work and for pleasure by going some place every other year. Vacation calories never counted for you.
Being born in India is a boon in itself. The sub continent as it is rightly called is the cradle of human race, mother of history and birth place of human speech. The fact that strengths lie in differences not in similarities is so true for our country. You enjoyed the different sights and sounds, beautiful landscapes, cultural diversity, delicious food, and friendly faces of each and every place you visited. Kashmir was of course one place you wanted to go and could not make that trip in your lifetime though we continued to try to make this trip until the last few months of your life. As they say if there is heaven on earth it is in Kashmir, it seems you were to be in heaven for once and for all.
You traveled not to escape life but so life doesn’t escape you.


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