Day 51

Day 51
Mumma, today is about your passion for video games. You held on to an old Nokia phone for over 10 years only because it had your favorite game- Tetris. Decades ago you had a Nintendo Gameboy with over 125 games that you clung onto so dearly for a very long time! In fact, you once broke the screen of this game boy but got it fixed immediately to ensure you didn’t lose out on the levels you had earned! Lately you had switched over to your IPad and phone. One could see you secretly playing on your phone at 1 or 2 AM when you could not get to sleep. Your phone accompanied you all the time even to the hospital for your chemotherapy. You were lost in the world of video games and could play for hours at a stretch if nobody disturbed you. I guess what you learnt from the video games was that if you are having to face enemies on your journey then you are heading the right way. This spirit made you the most inspiring fighter, especially when it came to fighting the deadly cancer.
SUDOKU and crosswords were your other two favorites to pass time. After solving the ones published in newspaper sections you moved on to sudoku and crossword books. With many years of practice you would go for the hard ones and your purse always had a pencil and eraser ready at airports, planes, beaches and hospitals to take on new challenges.
We miss seeing you energetically playing all these games! Life is truly like a video game. You sometimes get zapped, sometimes you achieve success. Mumma, you were always a winner!


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