Day 69

Mumma, this is an anecdote narrated by बब्बू मामा (maternal uncle), as told to him by your dear niece Guddo दीदी (our elder cousin sister) the eye specialist in our family. She remembers you with a lot of respect for your sense of daring, braveness, and adventure. This is a recollection from a time about 2 decades ago, when Manoj and I were living in Kenya and Pankaj and Simmi were posted in Dehradun. You had developed a cataract and one of your eyes was operated on in Delhi. Unfortunately, the surgery was not successful and you did not get your full vision back. Day 69.jpgAfter some time, you decided to get the other eye operated on in Allahabad by Guddo Didi and जीजाजी (sister’s husband). You did not hesitate to travel alone on a train to Allahabad from New Delhi with a full blown cataract in one eye and limited vision in the other eye. Didi recalls that you seemed to have lost the address and only had a phone number for her. You were supposed to have been picked up by Didi but the train arrived at the destination before time and you decided to venture out on your own. You took a cycle rickshaw and based on your memory of a previous visit, gave some hint to the driver of the residential area where Guddo Didi lived. Fortunately the rickshaw guy pedaled you to the right vicinity and you called Didi from a public phone (as there were no cell phones in those days) and shared your whereabouts. Didi and Jijaji got to you in no time and took you home. In the coming days you got both eyes operated on and your vision corrected under the expert supervision of Didi and Jijaji. You even traveled back to Delhi by yourself after the surgery. You put your heart, mind and soul into the simplest of things and that made you extraordinary. Your courage, determination and confidence was something to take inspiration from. The way you managed yourself in adverse circumstances was simply awesome.


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