Day 17


As I sat down to write this note today I started thinking of the things we take it for granted now. The things that are normal, expected parts of our lives today, but took an extraordinary amount of effort years ago. Earlier today I was writing some messages in a mixed Hindi and English script, to get the expression just right. I did not have to worry for a second if the kids would be able to read the hindi script or not. I remember how together, we taught the kids to read and write Hindi at home, as they never went to school in India. You were my equal partner in this effort mummy. As they say grand parents make the world a little softer, a little kinder and a little warmer. Mumma, you were a grandma that not only made our kids lives warmer and softer, you gave them the knowledge of a language. I remember buying basic Hindi language books from India each year for the kids and trying to teach them each day after work. I loved it when you would take over from me, and what started as a one day lesson, turned into a daily after-school class, taught every single day of your extended visits. The kids loved learning from you, listening to your stories and having fun with you. Today they both say the best moments were grandma (दद्दा)moments.
Sharing a picture from two decades ago of your first trip to Kenya..


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