Day 46

Day 46
Mangoes, mangoes, mangoes..Mumma, you and mangoes had a long history together. Not only did you enjoy ripe mangoes with all meals and in all forms, I recall how while waiting for ripe mangoes to hit the market you used to be so creative with enjoying कच्चा आम (raw mango). Your magic touch would turn raw mangoes into inviting preparations like mango pickle in oil, mango pickle in sugar, in jaggery, in गरम मसाला (All spice), mango chutney, आम का पन्ना (raw mango juice), mango salad and much more.
I recall we used to be so disappointed when we would see raw mangoes dropping off the trees and getting wasted in some countries like Ghana, where the locals did not know much about the uses of raw mango. You and I would make different pickles and chutneys and have all our local friends and family taste them. We would then share our recipes with them just so they could also enjoy abundant raw mangoes.
I have to say that though you got a chance to savour mangoes from all over the world, be it the Apple mangoes of Kenya, Kent mangoes from Ghana, Ataulfo from Mexico, Amba from Sri Lanka, Mohanbhog from Bangladesh, or the most popular Indian variety of Alphonso you were simply endeared by the Dusheri from your home state, Uttar Pradesh and सोने पर सुहागा (cherry on the cake) would be if it was Dusheri from Malihabaad. You and mangoes mumma, I could go on and on and on..


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