Day 55


Today I am remembering you with an anecdote that always puts a smile on our faces. This is from a decade ago when we had just moved to Ghana. While giving you an overview of the house compound, we introduced you to the guards and you asked if they were armed. It was only then that we became curious, if they were in fact armed, and if so with what? Before I reveal the name of the weapon, let me tell you that we have asked many of our friends to take a guess at what the weapon could be and nobody has ever guessed it right! So, drumroll…….. it was a bow and arrow! We were shocked at the illusion of security we were living in but at same time could not stop laughing at how ridiculous the entire situation was.
Moving on with the story, you asked the guard to show the bow and arrow and how the guards used it. To our dismay they did not even know how to hold the arrow on the bow properly, let alone to take an aim. You then showed them how to use it. Thanks to our experience- as Indians, of celebrating the festival of Dusshera when we buy toy sized bow and arrows and learn to use them, you knew your way around the “weapon”. The guards were surprised and possibly quite embarrassed to see how the grandmother could use their weapon way better than them. To put the record straight, the bows and arrows soon got replaced with a baton for our house.
We made such good memories with you. Mummy, at that time, we didn’t even realize that we were making memories, we just knew that we were having fun.


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