What more can you ask from a holiday?

Back into the grind after my dream solo holiday. The only holiday with no photo ops 😛. A couple of flights and I was at this place where I didn’t have to lift a finger, was looked after every minute of the day, fed meals that seemed gourmet to me, as for a change I did not have to cook them for myself, got time to reflect, lied on a bed all day and night, did some senseless yet stress busting art and craft things, met briefly with some friends and family, but for most of the time was with just myself.

The other side of the coin is that I chose my own battle, sure I had some weak moments, tried to be calm and fought it out for myself. It was truly an experience of regaining my independent self after a long long time to manage myself, my way. Icing on the cake was getting some required attention by the best professionals to some long standing major wellness issues.

All in all, what else can you ask from a dream holiday?


One thought on “What more can you ask from a holiday?

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