Day 41

Day 41.jpg
With the simple living that you believed in, your food choices were also very simple. As you were vegetarian all your life, you mentioned to me once that no animals need to die in order for you to live. You consumed just the plants in your lifetime. Your food was grown and harvested, not born and killed.
Your body was a temple, not a tomb like for many of us.
I remember during parties we would tease you and ask you to try something like tandoori chicken or fish or eggs and often joked that you only had side dishes for your main meal. You however, always responded saying that you will have to take another birth to turn into a carnivore.
Your love for veggies went along with your interest in growing veggies at home. You thoroughly enjoyed the kitchen gardens we had in our homes- be it Binaguri, Dehradun, Bhatinda or Tezpur in India,as well as in other countries. We used to have such good crops while living in Canada, Kenya and Ghana. हमारे खेत सोना उगलते थे ( literal translation being -our farms produced gold). I still remember that sparkle in your eyes and glow on your face when you would see a seed sprouting or a flower blossoming into a fruit. Miss you so much Mumma!


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