Freeze Fresh Herbs-हरी बर्फीली सलाह

We all love herbs and their distinct flavours, however whenever we buy fresh herbs we do not use them all at the same time. It seems cumbersome to save them and keep them fresh until the next use. For me, it is really painful to see the herbs die down and then thrown away.

IMG_0706An easy way to use the herbs multiple times is that you can freeze fresh herbs by simply washing and chopping them while they are fresh and wet (no need to dry them out). Put chopped herbs in an empty ice cube tray. Put as much quantity in each cube as you would need for your average recipe. Add a little water to the cubes to help herbs freeze well and form the shape. Once frozen, store these cubes in the tray itself or in a freezer zip bag or container. When you use frozen herbs, you will find them in the same colour and as flavourful as they are when fresh.


Frozen Advice-बर्फ़ीली सलाह

In your daily cooking, consider replacing some fresh vegetables with frozen vegetables. Frozen veggies seal in more nutrition, colour and flavour as a result of quick freezing process (QFP) at the time of their packing when they are appropriately ripened and nutrition packed. Most fresh veggies are picked before they ripe, they may show signs of ripening by the time they reach the grocery shelf from the farm. They are however not as nutritious as they would have been if they were on the plant for longer.

Frozen veggies should be steamed or microwaved or pressure cooked to retain all nutrients. Never boiled or blanched.


Time is Precious-एक सलाह काम की

Time is precious, value your time. When in the kitchen preparing a meal, use the same time to do other preparatory things for future use while your food is on the stove getting tender. For example, as I mentioned in a previous post, you could peel and grind ginger and garlic to freeze for future use. Or you could prepare a broth or sauté chopped onions for the next day (as I will explain in an upcoming post). This will save cooking time for your next meal and you get some more time each day to spend with your loved ones!

Chop and Freeze-एक सलाह दिल से

When you have some free time, peel and chop ginger, garlic and green chillies in a chopper and freeze them in a thin layer in separate freezer bags. Once frozen, break the layer with loose hands to pieces of different sizes. You can throw in a piece of the required ingredient as needed for any recipe while cooking.This will cut short the cooking time substantially. Now spend this saved time with your family or doing what you like to do the most.